Our office is equipped with the most advanced technology. Low-radiation x-ray equipment and digital photo imaging help us diagnose and treat a range of orthodontic problems. Laser lights rapidly dry appliance cement and reduce the amount of time patients need to spend in our office. Televisions and charging stations at every treatment station make patient visits more relaxing. Sterilization and health safety issues are of top priority. All of our orthodontic wires come in individually wrapped packages. We use disposable products wherever appropriate, and pay meticulous attention to sterilization.

Our support staff is friendly, efficient, highly trained, and ready to assist our patients with any questions or concerns. Many of our clinical staff members are licensed dental hygienists and certified dental assistants who are highly trained in dentistry and orthodontics, as well as CPR. We also have a certified radiation technologist who oversees our x-ray operations to minimize and ensure the least possible exposure to radiation. All the staff continually update their skills through seminars and continuing education courses.